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Welcome. I'm glad you're here and interested in Functional Medicine. Pursuing Functional Medicine Training was the best thing I’ve ever done for my career and my patients' health.

Welcome. I'm glad you're here and interested in Functional Medicine. Pursuing Functional Medicine Training was the best thing I’ve ever done for my career and my patients' health.

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 Patients should expect to spend a minimum of four months working with me to resolve their chronic health issues. The amount of time needed to resolve one's health issues depends on the complexity of each case as well as patient compliance and engagement. My goal is to offer personalized and accessible Functional Medicine strategies for motivated, coachable, and committed individuals seeking to restore their health.

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Your health is an investment. My goal is to uncover, address, and resolve your chronic health issues and empower you with the knowledge you need to be your own health advocate, avoid dependence on the medical system and pharmaceuticals, and live a happier and healthier life.

We generally work in 4-9 month increments, as the majority of our patients only need that long to be well on their way to resolving their symptoms. The program outlined below meets the needs of almost all our patients, though there are rare exceptions. The decision concerning which plan you will need will be discussed during your "First Step" appointment.

While many of our patients begin to feel significant improvements within a few weeks of implementing their health plan, long-term improvements and habit changes may require more patience. You can’t rush the body in boosting its capacity for healing. There are no shortcuts and no magic supplements. It has likely taken years, if not decades, for your current health and chronic issues to develop. Please prepare to invest a few months in our process to reverse those effects. Our most successful clients are committed, resourceful, and coachable, enabling them to make long-term diet and lifestyle changes. Keep in mind that the return on this investment is HUGE!

After the initial "First Step" comprehensive health investigation, most patients are prescribed a 4-month therapeutic program. The details of each plan are patient-specific, but they will likely address gut health optimization, diet modifications, stress management and HPA axis support, lifestyle modification, toxic burden reduction, identifying chronic infections and detoxification, mitochondria support, and possible lab testing. In addition, I may sometimes implement Dr Walsh's protocol for mental health optimization.

This 4-month personalized plan includes three (3) one-on-one 60-minutes appointments with me, previous labs review, personalized protocols and recommendations, personalized/custom meal plans and ongoing support via portal messaging. 
Patients on multiple medications and/or with complicated medical histories typically require two additional appointments with me ($300 per appointment). In addition, medication weaning and management require more intensive oversight.

You cannot supplement your way to good health, but I often recommend patient-specific supplementation to accompany lifestyle changes. My long-term goal with supplements is the same as with prescriptions—we want you to take as few as possible in the long term. That said, most patients benefit significantly from strategic supplementation. However, most patients can expect to spend between $300-$700 on supplements over four months.

My practice is insurance-free, meaning every dollar goes to your care, and nothing is lost in a third-party payer system. It may be disappointing that we won't accept your insurance; many of our patients initially felt this way. However, they now enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly what their care will cost upfront. They also get exactly what they need, as their insurance approval does not limit them. There are financing options available via Paypall Credit or Care Credit. Please contact the clinic for more information. 

Testing can be very valuable, and I utilize it when necessary. Functional Medicine lab testing differs from conventional lab testing that a typical doctor might order. Personalized functional medicine testing will give specific information about your health and help discover the root cause of your symptoms. While conventional healthcare laboratory testing is often very limited, these specialized tests help me understand the entire ecosystem of your body – including nutrient levels, hormone levels, inflammation markers, reactions to stress, allergens, and gut health – which is critical for creating a personalized plan.

Please use the button above to schedule a call with me to see if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for our practice. We don't accept all patients. We want to save everyone's time and money, regardless of whether you're a good fit or not.