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Through my 17+ years of clinical experience in the healthcare field, both as an emergency physician and a family physician, I've come to recognize how much "care" & "healing" are lacking in the conventional healthcare space. 
I realized that the conventional medicine model fails at managing and curing chronic conditions, including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, IBS, anxiety, depression, ADHD, obesity, thyroid issues, and more. Conventional medicine assigns symptoms to the disease name; it then treats the symptoms but fails to address the underlying causes. Patients end up with little hope and are offered an endless road of pills and procedures. There is very little focus, if any, on the root causes of these now-too-common chronic health issues. I realized that by utilizing a Functional Medicine approach, I can determine the cause of my patient's symptoms, allowing me to prevent further suffering. 
I'm passionate about delivering a better experience for my patients. My approach is personalized, patient-centred & collaborative, with an emphasis on long-term solutions. 

As a board-certified family physician & functional medicine provider, I love practicing root cause medicine to help my patients transform their health so they can finally experience the relief they deserve.

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  • Family Medicine Residency, Larkin Community Hospital , Miami, FL
  • Emergency Medicine Residency, Reinier De Graaf Hospital, Delft, The Nederlands 
  • Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, CO
  • Applying Functional medicine in Clinical Practice Certification, Institute of Functional Medicine
  • The Walsh Protocol Certification for Mental Health,  Walsh Research Institute 

Languages other than English: Polish (fluent), Dutch (fluent), Spanish (communicative) 

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We were very fortunate to find Dr Baker's Aven Clinic in the area. Having some health concerns, I met with Dr Baker, and I received service which absolutely exceeded my expectations. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and caring; she is patient, has a perfect attitude, and to top it off, she is a certified functional medicine doctor
— Jaroslaw L.  

Working with Dr Baker was an unforgettable journey through my healing process. I followed her recommendations, and it was an incredible discovery for me. She taught me how to manage my chronic gut issues and exhaustion through nutrition. Her knowledge, kindness and expertise were exceptional, and my overall health has dramatically improved. Thank you Dr.Baker
- Martha S. 

We were very fortunate to find Dr. Baker's Aven Clinic....

Thanks to my work with Dr. Baker & the changes I have made to my diet I am pain free