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Get to the bottom of your chronic symptoms & finally experience the relief you deserve!

Uncovering the root cause of chronic disease and mystery illnesses 

I help my patients to restore their quality of life and graduate from chronic and mystery illnesses. Together, we will make a personalized plan to help them say goodbye to unwanted chronic symptoms such as chronic fatigue, gut issues, anxiety, depression, moodiness, brain-fog, body aches, lack of motivation, lack of focus, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of despair, feelings of unworthiness, and more! 


You’re not alone!

More people than ever before experience chronic and long-lasting illnesses. More than half (51.8%) of adults have been diagnosed with one chronic condition, and 27.2% of US adults with multiple chronic conditions.

The Bigger Problem?

Patients aren’t getting better because conventional diagnostic tools focus on symptoms without considering the underlying cause of the disease! Doctors & patients alike are feeling the need to make changes and move beyond the pharmaceutical approach. 

Are You Struggling With Chronic Ilnesses Or Another Mystery Health Concern?

I am ready for Support

Identify and remove the exposures, toxins, hidden infections, stressors or other triggers that negatively affect your body and health 

Identify imbalances and replenish missing elements like macro- or micronutrients critical in the healing process

Balance your nervous system with lifestyle modification, stressors and self-care to increase resilience to stress

Once you remove the stressors, replenish the missing elements and restore your nervous system, your body regains the ability to heal itself





Health Optimization Starts at the Root

Instead of masking unwanted symptoms, I take the time to dive into what's happening in my patients' bodies and lives. Oftentimes this is through functional lab work, thorough intake questions & symptom-tracking. Once I have a good sense of what's going on, I'll work with them to develop a highly-personalized roadmap to get us from point A (where you are now) to point B (feeling so much better!). This roadmap to health involves supporting your body in many different ways. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Baker -

Through my 17+ years of clinical experience in the healthcare field, both as an emergency physician and a family physician, I've come to recognize how much "care" & "healing" are lacking in the conventional healthcare space. 
I realized that the conventional medicine model fails at managing and curing chronic conditions, including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, IBS, anxiety, depression, ADHD, obesity, thyroid issues, and more. Conventional medicine assigns symptoms to the disease name; it then treats the symptoms but fails to address the underlying causes. Patients end up with little hope and are offered an endless road of pills and procedures. There is very little focus, if any, on the root causes of these now-too-common chronic health issues. I realized that by utilizing a Functional Medicine approach, I can determine the cause of my patient's symptoms, allowing me to prevent further suffering.
I'm passionate about delivering a better experience for my patients. My approach is personalized, patient-centred & collaborative, with an emphasis on long-term solutions. 

As a board-certified family physician & functional medicine provider, I love practicing root cause medicine to help my patients transform their health so they can finally experience the relief they deserve.

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  • Family Medicine Residency, Larkin Community Hospital, Miami, FL
  • Emergency Medicine Residency, Reinier De Graaf Hospital, Delft, The Nederlands 
  • Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, CO
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Certification, Institute of Functional Medicine
  • The Walsh Protocol Certification for Mental Health,  Walsh Research Institute 

Languages other than English: Polish (fluent), Dutch (fluent), Spanish (communicative) 

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My mission is to help as many patients heal from chronic suffering as possible. Given the right support, our bodies are incredibly resilient and able to heal. Ultimately, I want to empower patients to reach their full potential and live happy lives full of purpose.

My Mission

Health and happiness

- Avicenna

The knowledge of anything, since all things have causes, is not acquired or complete unless it is known by causes. Therefore, in medicine we ought to know the causes of sickness and health."

  • Nutrient Levels
  • Hormone Dysbalances
  • Inflammation Markers
  • Reactions to Stress
  • Potential Allergens
  • Toxic Exposures
  • Gut Health 
  • Chronic infections
  • Genetic predispositions

From there, I will create a custom protocol and personalized plan to address the root causes of your chronic health symptoms, so you can start living a happier, more vibrant life. 

what's included

My personalized program involves a comprehensive intake and customized set of tests that will provide a wide range of information about your health. 

While conventional testing is often limited, functional medicine testing enables us to look at the entire ecosystem within your body & pinpoint the imbalances impacting your health.

Together we'll look at your:

 Health Optimization Starts at the Root

We’ll work together for minimum of 4 months to uncover the root causes behind your symptoms and create an individualized plan. 

4-9 -month Personalized program 

"First Step" appointment; where I will take history and create a custom proposal based on your needs so you have all the information to make the decision that is best for you. 

"First step"
60 min Practice member evaluation

Book a 15-min no-charge call or in person visit where we can learn more about one another and determine if we’re a good fit to work together. 

discovery meet & Greet

How it works:




 about the program 



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We were very fortunate to find Dr Baker's Aven Clinic in the area. Having some health concerns, I met with Dr Baker, and I received service which absolutely exceeded my expectations. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and caring; she is patient, has a perfect attitude, and to top it off, she is a certified functional medicine doctor
— Jaroslaw L.  

Working with Dr Baker was an unforgettable journey through my healing process. I followed her recommendations, and it was an incredible discovery for me. She taught me how to manage my chronic gut issues and exhaustion through nutrition. Her knowledge, kindness and expertise were exceptional, and my overall health has dramatically improved. Thank you Dr.Baker
- Martha S. 

We were very fortunate to find Dr. Baker's Aven Clinic....

Thanks to my work with Dr. Baker & the changes I have made to my diet I am pain free